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Metalnet Ticket System

(a brief summary)
Our custom ticket system has been built from the ground up for one purpose...

Efficient and timely rendering of technical support.

...and, we will always strive to improve - not only the system, but the quality and responsiveness of support.
While investing the past several years in the development of our support infrastructure, we have learned a lot. Our team has carefully studied customer trends, practices of other industry leaders, and the personal preferences of our clients. Metalnet and our Ticket Request System is the result.
Why We

(and why you want us to)
We realize your reliance on our technogloy and the importance of quick resolutions. Our ticket system helps us achieve timely attention to your issues by providing automated internal escalations, system status prioritization (operational vs non-operational), and 'front-of-line' processing for contract holders.

In addition, support issues often require substantial followup and correspondance in order to reach resolution. Our ticket system helps team members accommodate these variables by enabling simple transfers between processing queues and quick review of ticket history when tickets are escalated.
When And
When Not
To Make
A New Ticket

(practical and simple)
If you already have a ticket in the system for the issue you wish to followup or check in on, please do not create a new ticket. Instead, you may call our support line, send a text message, or reply to the original ticket. To help remember this, just consider - Does Metalprogetti already know about the problem?

*PROTIP* Send a TEXT MESSAGE instead of calling to avoid waiting on hold!

If you have a new issue or question for Metalprogetti, please submit a new ticket. This includes mechanical and software issue, questions, and even data samples that you wish for us to review - urgent or otherwise.
Thank You Following the above guidelines will help your company avoid additional fees and unnecessary delays.
PRICING Pay As You Go Preferred Contract
Email or
Email or
New Ticket
(new issue)
$40.00 $60.00 No Fee $60.00 $40.00
Technical Support $2.50 /min $3.50 /min $1.50 /min $3.50 /min $2.50 /min
Software Upgrades $495 for MAP / BAM / B2K / MPS / MPC
(includes 1 year of updates)
Firmware Upgrades $545 for MOP / PLC / ESA / ET500
(plus minutes and hardware)
Computer Deployment $495 plus minutes | add $250 for data retrieval
(includes license for current software version *required*)
Replacement Parts No Discount Discounts Available
Onsite Labor No Discount Discounts Available
Business Hours 7am to 5pm MST (Arizona) | Monday through Friday excluding Holidays
After Hours All other time periods including Weekends and Holidays
Email Analysis Issues or questions that do not require verbal contact and can be answered via email.
No Ticket Support is NOT guaranteed to cold calls, text messages, or emails. A ticket MUST be in queue to ensure a response! Clients who choose to not submit a ticket for their issue agree to pay priority handling charges.
"You Charge
For Emails?"
Yes, we do. In fact, we charge for every interaction unless the customer has a service contract. This includes leaving voicemails or waiting on hold, and all correspondance to clarify part orders or schedule appointments.

"Why?" It ensures our support technicians are there for you tomorrow and the years to come, and allows them to focus on just that... support for your Metalprogetti. Yours, and hundreds of others across the country.
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